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Branding That's Made To Stick

Consulting & Contract Marketing

When you know you need marketing done for your business but don't want to pay 60k a year for a marketing employee. Thats where we can help. ThunderBrand Marketing is poised to help small to mid-size businesses get the jumpstart they need to start bringing leads into their business. 

Brand Management

What your clients think about your business matters, both to you and to prospective customers.  Online reviews are the best place to find client feedback, and we’re pro’s at generating and managing reviews.  We use the ThunderBrand method to respond to both positive and negative reviews effectively across a variety of platforms.

Logo Creation

If you’re looking to update your preexisting logo or build an entirely new design, we can give you what you need.  We’ll use your logo on all of the marketing materials that we create for you, but we will also give you high-resolution files of all of the graphics.  You own your artwork and, unlike many of our competitors, there is no hidden subscription fee.

Brand Messaging

Need a bold tagline or a slogan that sticks?  We’re great at coming up with messaging that strengthens your brand and makes your business memorable.  Impactful and clear, like the bassline of “Another One Bites the Dust,” that’s what we do!

Graphic Design

Did you know that different colors, fonts, and formatting layouts all send a message? ThunderBrand knows how to match your design to your message. We create signs, flyers, business cards, logo intro video clips, letterhead, etc.  The best part is that our graphics are visually pleasing AND intentional marketing tools.  

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