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Reputation/Review Management



Your online reputation is important, and reviews are one of its main components. Client reviews are a powerful tool both for you and for your prospective customers.  ThunderBrand Marketing is an expert in generating and managing reviews.



Having a significant number of online reviews boosts your company’s credibility.  We can greatly increase your review count using our generation software. This software allows us to text or email recent clients and invite them to write a quick review that will appear on multiple platforms.



We use the ThunderBrand method to respond to both positive and negative reviews to manage your reputation and increase retention.  Precise responses go a long way to build rapport with current clients and converting prospective customers.



We highlight some of your best reviews by placing them on your Website.  Let us increase your online presence and boost your credibility with Site viewers. 

Review Analytics Reports

Not only do we manage your reviews, but we keep you in the loop.  Every month you will receive a report, detailing how many reviews you've raked in and what they're saying about you and your business.

Multi-location Management

If you have multiple locations or franchises, it is important to know which reviews belong to which location.  We will help keep your "locales" straight and manage reviews for all of your stores. 

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